How to measure

Having trouble measuring your body to select the right size? 
Here's a handy illustrated guide! 
If you're still unsure, don't hesitate to shoot us an email at we will be happy to help.

What you will need:

Tape Measure
Mirror if preferred
Take measurements standing up, in front of a mirror is easiest. 
Measure around the body so the tape feels firm on the skin, but is not tight. 
The tape should not dig into the skin. 


Measure at the largest part of the bust.  Take the measurement wearing a bra if you will wear one with the garment.


Measure your waist between the bottom of the ribs and top of the hip bone, take the measurement on your exhale and don’t suck in your stomach!  


Measure the largest part of your hips.  Move the tape up and down your bum to find the largest area.  Again, make sure the tape is straight at the back, not drooping.