Our Values.

The values of Sanct in many ways drive the design of the brand and how we operate.

We are passionate about keeping our values clear so you can decide if Sanct is right for you. 


All Sanct pieces are lovingly made by my own two hands in the Sanct studio on Wurundjeri Country (East Melbourne).

We have plans to outsource some of our manufacturing as we grow but we are committed to always being Australian made.

When we do choose a manufacturer to work with, we will ensure they are accredited by Ethical Clothing Australia (ECA) so we can be confident they operate ethically. ECA manufacturers are audited to ensure they have transparent supply chains and are legally compliant.

Our patterns are refined and graded by local legends RB Pattern Making in Melbourne, Australia who are ECA accredited.

Fabrics we love to work with:

Fabrics we love are:
- GOTS certified organic cotton
- GOTS certified organic linen
- Hemp (sourced from Bastine)
- Tencel (lyocell & modal)
- Ecovero
- Natural tree rubber elastic
- Deadstock cotton, linen & limited wool (we only use wool when it is deadstock, not new)

Fabrics we won't use:

At Sanct, we only use natural materials, no synthetics. This means no:
- Polyester
- Nylon
- Acrylic
- Conventional Viscose
- Bamboo
- Elastane or other synthetic fabrics.

We will never use the below animal textiles:
- Conventional wool 
- RWS or ZQ wool
- Fur
- Leather (or any animal skins)
- Angora
- Exotic animal hair
- Down/feathers


Current fabrics in our collection include:

100% GOTS Organic Cotton.
Supplier: SASPAC
Origin: Shino Shouten Japan

100% Deadstock Cotton
Supplier: Wall Fabrics
Origin: Australia

100% Deadstock Wool
Supplier: Bought from a closing down boutique.
Origin: Australia.


Current trims in our collection include:

Elastic: Natural Tree Rubber Elastic woven with GOTS Organic Cotton
Supplier: Premium Haberdashery
Origin: Germany

100% Tencel thread, certified cradle-to-cradle gold.
Supplier: Johann Muller AG
Origin: Made in Switzerland

100% GOTS Organic Cotton thread.
Supplier: Sew For Good (Australia)
Origin: Spun in the Netherlands

Care Label: 100% Cotton
Supplier: Eason Biz
Origin: Made in China

Main Label: 100% cotton
Supplier: Avery Dennison
Origin: Made in China

Tags: 100% FSC mix certified card, 100% cotton (natural, un-dyed) cord.
Supplier: Avery Dennison
Origin: Made in China.


Packaging we currently use:

Post Box: 100% Kraft brown cardboard. Fully recyclable or compostable.
Supplier: Pack Queen
Origin: Australia

Tissue Paper: No Issue FSC certified paper, acid free and printed with soy inks.
Supplier: No Issue Co.
Origin: Australia

Packaging Tape: 100% Water activated paper tape
Supplier: Woodruff & Co.
Origin: Australia

Care Card: 100% Recycled paper, printed with soy inks.
Supplier: Sustainable Printing Co.
Origin: Australia.


We love using quality deadstock fabrics because it allows us to take responsibility for some of the textile waste produced by the garment industry. We work with a textile agent called Wall Fabrics who source deadstock fabrics previously used by high end, world renowned fashion brands.

We produce super small runs of everything (usually a max of 3-4 pieces per size) and produce more as demand arises. This allows us to avoid overproducing.

Cutting and making in house also allows us to control the cutting efficiency. Our off-cuts and scraps are all kept and not thrown away. We will produce smaller items with our off cuts and are looking into using textile recycling companies like TerraCycle or Textile Recyclers Australia to regenerate our smaller scraps into new fibres.

In our packaging I use a strip of scrap pattern making paper, secured with a sticker to hold the tissue around your parcel, this means the sticker won’t rip the tissue when opening your parcel and you can reuse our beautiful custom print tissue again and again!

 End of life.

Sanct clothing is created to last. We take great care in selecting durable finishes that are also beautiful.

We also offer lifetime repairs within Australia.
A Sanct piece is intended to outlive us all, circulating on bodies before being recycled into new fibres.

We are researching the best way to offer a take back program for garment recycling. We are looking into different textile recyclers we could partner with so watch this space!