made to order

Let’s talk about made-to-order and why Sanct will be moving to this model. 

Made-to-order is when we start sewing your piece after you purchase your order. We don’t hold stock. 

There are many reasons why this model can be valuable, for us it means:

  • We can increase our size range. Because I make very limited units, I often only have small rolls of fabric. This season I am producing sizes 8-30, and I won’t have enough fabric to make 12 pieces (one unit of each size). Made-to-order helps me to still produce small runs while also extending the Sanct sizing.
  • We can add Sanct Custom to cater to those who fall outside of our traditional sizing or have specific requirements. Need a shorter leg length? Larger hip? We’ve got you!
  • We only make what we need. This means no surplus stock gathering dust!
  • It helps us slow down fashion purchases. Investing in a piece with a waiting period helps our customers to consider if they will still want this item in a few weeks time.