Introducing Britt Neech Founder/Owner of Clae Studio

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Introducing Britt Neech of Clae Studio
Image by: James K Morris
Tell us a bit about yourself and your journey to Clae Studio:

I started out studying fashion and textile design and, while still at Uni, enrolled in a short ceramics course at a local studio in Sydney. I fell in love with the medium straight away and found myself wanting to make all the time - like an obsession! I think what drew me to ceramics was the tactility of the clay and the way the process is three dimensional, similar to fashion.

As somebody who has studied fashion, what do you look for when selecting a new clothing item?

I always look for quality! My partner gets frustrated when we’re shopping and I don’t even pull things off the rack because I can see if it’s made well, or a good fabric, by just looking. Buying good quality items and taking care of them is important for me. I’m not concerned with the latest trends or buying new clothes just for the sake of it. 
Image by Peter Ryle 
Starting my small business, Clae Studio, has made it even clearer to me how important it is to support local makers of all kinds. The people behind small business are so passionate and hard working! Not to mention, it’s nicer getting dressed everyday when you know that you’ve supported sustainable fashion practices.

What do you think the traditional workplace is lacking for creative employees?

I can’t speak for everyone but I worked in office jobs for a few years and what frustrated me most was the lack of freedom in the roles. I like autonomy in my work day and find that I’m happier if I have space to make decisions on my own and do things my way.

Image by Peter Ryle
Image by Peter Ryle
How do you implement self care in your day-to-day workday? 

My favourite days are spent in the studio. It helps that most of my pieces are made to order, so I’m only creating what is needed. In periods where I’m really busy I just make sure to take it one step at a time so that each piece is made to a high standard.

What’s a favourite go-to self care routine when you need to re-centre yourself? 

I try to listen to my body and how I’m feeling at the time. Sometimes it’s a guilt-free sleep in,  watching a movie, practicing yoga, going for a walk or catching up with a friend.

What is your favourite Clae Studio piece at the moment and what drove the design?

I have a core collection of five vessels but I’m having a lot of fun at the moment with experimenting with new forms and finishes. I’ve just released a black clay edition of my Heirloom Vessel and some salt and spice pinch bowls which have been a lot of fun to make. What’s driving me at the moment is finding a balance between making my core collection and experimenting with new pieces.
Image by Britt Neech
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