Introducing Meghan, Owner of Meghan The Jeweller


First, let’s get to know you! Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

With an artistic flair from a young age, my creativity was nourished by my family, encouraging me to pursue the path of jewellery making in 2008. After completing my Bachelor in Fine Art (Object Based Practice), I went on to do a few short courses to learn about diamond setting. During this time, I had a deep desire to travel and see the world. I embarked on a 5 month trip around Europe, which was filled with rich culture, amazing history and indulgent food. Having no solid plans, I found myself connecting with an artist collective who lead me to gallery internship in the UK. 

Can you share the story behind your brand and what motivated you to start Meghan The Jeweller?

My brand is a gateway into my life experiences. The process to create and share a memory that is translated into metal. This is the most exciting bit! I think of each jewellery piece, as a piece of me. I was motivated to pursue a small business with the support of my family and friends.

What are your biggest inspirations?
My biggest inspirations are driven by the shapes I find in nature, mountains, hiking and authentic foods. I usually carry a small pocket visual diary when I travel, this is where I sketch ideas and inspiration. 

What goes into making these pieces? Can you talk a bit about your process?

I make each piece by drawing a sketch. Then make a few test pieces (with basic wire or sheet) and noting in my journal the measurements. Once I am happy with the test piece, I then go onto sourcing my materials for the final piece. I prefer to use Australian-based and 100% recycled sterling silver, if available. When creating the final piece, I measure all the materials before sawing, filing, soldering and polishing. Before I mail my precious creation, I like stamp paint onto the tissue paper for a personal touch. 


Can you talk about running a business and your biggest highlight so far?

Being able to run a small business starts off with a lot of determination. You will have to have a solid business plan on how you would like to turn a passion into a profession. My biggest highlight would have to be showcasing my jewellery pieces in Art RedHill. Honoured to be surrounded by many creatives, this opened doors to other opportunities.

What are your brand plans for the future?
I would like to showcase in more exhibitions locally and internationally. Further along the line, I would like to stock into retail stores. 
What are your favourite Meghan The Jeweller pieces to wear every day?
My favourite pieces that I like to wear every day include the ‘Bobble Ring’ which highlights the simplicity of the design that can be worn by itself or complimenting another ring! Another favourite is the ‘Dance Dangles’ These beautiful mixed metal earrings are designed to dance on your ears. 

Can you describe what you look for in a fashion piece?

I look for beautiful jewellery that fit the body well. Complimenting the style of clothing and makeup will determine how you express your bespoke jewellery. 


Finally, how can our readers connect with you?

The best way to connect with me is through email: 

Instagram: @meghanthejeweller

Facebook Meghan The Jeweller